PBX Solutions

Pure per second billing


Call Recording

Interbranch calling

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange , simply put it means a private network of telephone infrastructure used by a company.

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol , the basic explanation is that VOIP uses the internet to make and receive phone calls. 

To start of VOIP is the next gen of telephonic communication.While older PBX systems had to have components bolted on to add additional functionality most VOIP systems come standard with the features that are needed already.The main attraction to VOIP is the drastically reduced call costs as VOIP uses per second billing , inter branch calling for larger companies also becomes a free feature when the technology is leveraged between all branches.

Some of the features offered by our PBX systems

Call Transfer

All PBX solutions we offer allow Attended and blind transfer functionality.

Call Forwarding

All PBX solutions we offer allow the user to forward calls based on whether the user wants to forward the call when busy or when no answer is received or immediately to another destination.


All PBX solutions we offer allow the user to leverage voicemail facilities on their individual extensions allowing the user to record their own greetings for their individual mail boxes.

Call Recording

All PBX solutions we offer have the ability to allow the customer to record calls that pass through their PBX system.

Auto Attendant

All PBX solutions we offer have a built in multi layer auto attendant/IVR  with many available  for the user.