Buddys 1 Call Solutions offers both HDCVI(Analog) and IP CCTV Solutions to suit your budget and requirements.

Please see below our comparison between the two different types of systems we offer and their pros and cons.



  • Simply installation and maintenance
  • Analog Cameras have traditionally always been lower cost .
  •  Analog cameras can transmit signal over their cables nearly 1.5 km away from the DVR.


  • Analog cameras use double the amount of cabling compared to IP cameras.
  • Typically, analog surveillance cameras have a much narrower field of view than their digital counterparts, so you may need more of them to cover the area you need.
  • A lack of encryption means a hacker could potentially access your information or replace your signal with an outside one.



  •  Generally, IP cameras provide resolutions 6 to 20 times higher than analogue cameras.
  • Power over Ethernet switches enable your signal cables to provide power to the cameras as well, reducing the need for those additional cables.
  • IP cameras make data difficult to intercept. They encrypt and compress data before transporting it over the Internet to your server and they have VPN support.


  • It may cost more to initially set up your IP camera system if you’re making the switch from analog; however, once you have it set up, it’s much easier to tailor and scale your system as needed.

Please see below resolutions comparison for reference